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Gospelchor in Duisburg-Neudorf sucht weitere Sänger

Sehr netter Gospelchor in Duisburg-Neudorf sucht noch weitere Mitsänger! Die Treffen sind jeden Donnerstag um 19 Uhr in Neudorf, Kontakt über


I was born in Bad Kreuznach on 17th February 1967. For the first 5 ½ years of my life I was the little princess of my family so naturally at first I was very jealous when my brother was born.
The two worst experiences in my childhood were when my uncle died in a car accident, and the days I had to spend in hospital to get my adenoids taken out. In the early 70s the hospitals, or at least this particular one, considered it a disadvantage if the children see their parents while they are at hospital. So I did not see anyone of my family during that time. Instead, grumpy old nurses ( they were deaconesses ) who called me a badly educated child. Most of this time is hidden by a big wall of fog, but I do remember that it was a nightmare. This experience gave me at least a little idea of what people like my Italian ex-lover Luciano ( ) who had this feeling that there is no one around who is kind to them during their entire childhood.
With a father who was a teacher and being very good at elementary school, it was obvious that I was sent to grammar school. Then at first my marks dropped in freefall. They got better again when I realized that the times of doing nothing and still being good at school were definitely over but still in some subjects ( maths, natural sciences ) I still had to struggle hard to get along. However, I’ve always been good at languages. And I succeeded in doing my abitur.
One thing with a bit of importance for the rest of my life were also the 3 weeks I spent in a summer course in Worcester, England. Not so much with regard to the language, but with regard to things like self-confidence and openness towards people of other cultures. When I went there, I was very shy and didn’t know anybody. When I went back home, I had dozens of new friends from various countries.
After school, I started an apprenticeship as Industriekauffrau and because of my strong interest in foreign languages and international communication, after having passed the final exams I added another one as foreign language correspondent.
After that, I spent many years working for one of Bad Kreuznach’s largest companies. The job was quite interesting since I had many different tasks to do and my colleagues were nice. Sometimes I also accompanied them to the Hanover fair. The most interesting thing about it was that I was able to meet our customers and sales representatives in person, and some of them thought I was so nice that I got invitations to Switzerland and the United States.
The reason why I quit was the fact that after a few years after a marriage that failed ( well, I guess it failed because of too many difficulties we had to cope with – lack of money, he and my parents did not get along well nor did I and his mother ) I found a new love in Cologne. Happy to say that we are still together.
Cologne is a very nice city, although not really beautiful. The area around the famous cathedral definitely is, in fact, it is really picturesque, but just as in every other city there are also ugly places.
There is always something going on in Cologne so you’ll hardly ever get bored.
For a couple of years I volunteered in a group for refugee children, most of them from Kosovo. This group was part of, an organisation that is really active in helping refugees and organising events to abolish racism in society.
Another very interesting group that I joined was, a group of women of different origin who met once a week for different activities.
Then there were some reorganisations at my partner’s workplace and we moved to Duisburg. Before getting to know the place better I had a little fear that after 13 years in Cologne I would now feel like living in a provincial area, but I can confirm that this is not the case, in fact, there is enough going on,,…to name some things. A place that I like very much is a little lake district not too far from our flat.
Sometimes we are in Mülheim-on-Ruhr where we have 2 folding cayaks and do a bit of cayaking on the river Ruhr.
I am doing volunteer work for children again. I am a member of an organisation that takes care of poor families, families in great difficulty and families who don’t speak German well and devote some of their time to them so they won’t have problems at school.