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Socialising with refugees in Duisburg

As I just read, there is a group of Pakistani people in a refugee home in Duisburg. They are all very nice and funny people who speak English perfectly and would like to meet some people who live in the area. The same thing applies to a group of Syrian people. However, in their case it would be desirable to find somebody who is able to speak Arabic. Maybe among the people who read this there is someone who is able to speak this language? Furthermore, also people who speak Albanian or Serbian are being looked for.
Who wants be become involved, may get in touch with the people of the Facebook group “Ich will was tun, für Flüchtlinge aus Kriegsgebieten in Duisburg”. There is also a monthly meeting of the “Duisburger Flüchtlingsrat”. There is the possibility to join groups working on topics such as accomodation, education and how to deal with racism.
Since I, too, am one of the people who prefer to become active instead of mocking about what goes wrong in our society I already got in touch with these groups and will see what I can do. However, I speak neither Arabic nor Albanian or Serbian, just English and French and a little bit of Spanish and Italian.