That’s why I do volunteer work…

I think I had a quite fortunate life up to now and except one big stroke of fate ( my uncle’s death in a car accident ) almost only experienced good things. I have a flat, a job, am healthy… and this is more than a lot of other people have. Furthermore, I have a caring partner, a loving family and a couple of nice friends. These all are reasons to be grateful. At the same time, it makes me feel obliged to help others who are not that fortunate. I decided to help children and refugees. Of course, there are also many other things which are worth doling – help the homeless, mistreated animals…but also my day has only 24 hours and since I haven’t yet won in the lottery or become millionaire in a TV show I still have to work a bit. Therefore I have to leave these things to others. Basically, it it not important what anyone does to help others as long as he does anything. However, there is one thing which is much much worse than not doing anything: To defame committed people on the internet. It seems incredible, but there are really people who do that. Their assertions, however, are as far from reality as Kim Jong II from the Nobel peace prize.

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