Help! The problems of the world are coming to join us….

Since the plans of accomodating refugees in a former hospital in Duisburg-Neumühl are published, the district is in a great tumult. Having heard stories of East-European gangs mugging old women and stealing their money, some people are afraid. People who did not take a closer look into the matter cannot distinguish between refugees and immigrants and are not aware that also among them there are good and bad people. In my opinion, it is also to some extend the fault of mass media who, in order to increase their circulation figures never write about immigrants who are doing well at their German class and join trainings to be able to get a job. Writing about robbing gangs is more likely to satisfy people’s greed for a sensation.
However, I do not blame those people who are afraid. If there is anyone to blame, it is the right-wing parties who take advantage of people’s fear and see their chance.
The only thing to stop this is to give them better information.
A very positive thing that gives me hope is that solidarity with the refugees is also very wide-spread among our city’s inhabitants ( also those from Neumühl J . People are coming up with ideas for initiatives to assist refugees, others are offering donations…
To bring all the helpful people together and discuss ideas, a website called “refugees welcome” has been created. I’m looking forward to get something of the ground with them. Will keep you informed.

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